Meaning: tr
karıştırmak, katılmak
Thus we, elate, but not with Heaven our friend, / march on and mingle with the Greeks in fight, / and many a Danaan to the shades we send. / And many a battle in the blinding night / we join with those that meet us.
Thus, although their mutual affection seemed to increase rather than to be diminished as their characters opened more fully on each other, the feelings of each were mingled with some less agreeable ingredients.
Guests mingled at the wedding reception.
O happy ye, whose walls already rise!" / Exclaimed AEneas, and with envious eyes / looked up where pinnacles and roof-tops showed / the new-born city; then in wondrous wise, / clothed in the covering of the friendly cloud, / passed through the midst unseen, and mingled with the crowd.
Weeping she spake, with unavailing woe, / and poured her sorrow to the winds, when lo, / in sight comes Helenus, with fair array, / and hails his friends, and hastening to bestow / glad welcome, toward his palace leads the way; / but tears and broken words his mingled thoughts betray.
She had never mingled in the society of women.
So when the bold and compact band I see, / "Brave hearts", I cry, "but brave, alas! in vain; / if firm your purpose holds to follow me / who dare the worst, our present plight is plain. / Troy's guardian gods have left her; altar, fane, / all is deserted, every temple bare. / The town ye aid is burning. Forward, then, / to die and mingle in the tumult's blare."
He stops, and from Achates hastes to seize / his chance-brought arms, the arrows and the bow, / the branching antlers smites, and lays the leader low. / Next fall the herd; and through the leafy glade / in mingled rout he drives the scattered train, / plying his shafts.
The colors don't mingle well.
Mingle your joys sometimes with your earnest occupation.
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