Meaning: tr
başlamak, başlatmak
Imagine punching somebody so hard that they turned into a door. Then you found out that's where all doors come from, and you get initiated into a murder club that makes doors. So there are like super strong murderers who punch people into venetian doors and shit.
Auto-destruct sequence initiated.
Second, it initiates visual learning.
She initiates a lot of projects but seldom completes one.
Tom initiated the program.
Bouteflika initiated many costly projects with little oversight.
A Norwegian diplomat had been hostile to the Soviet Union, so the KGB initiated a compromising action against the Norwegian. He had a Russian girlfriend and was asked to immediately leave the country.
Who has initiated this?
The two countries formally initiated diplomatic relations.
In Italy, the Veneto region has initiated mass screening of citizens to find asymptomatic carriers of coronavirus.
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