Meaning: tr
küçük parça, grup, kesir
Numbers that can be expressed as fractions of two whole numbers are called rational numbers.
Warming waters have reduced the harvest of Alaska's prized Copper River salmon to just a small fraction of last year's harvest.
Sami earns only a fraction of what he used to earn when he did YouTube.
Tom did that in only a fraction of a second.
He did it in only a fraction of a second.
You need to find the least common denominator before adding two fractions together.
Fractions are fun.
Computers can perform a very complicated task in a fraction of a second.
Last month, just as the border closures started, asparagus farmers from Brandenburg chartered a flight to fly in 190 Romanians. That number is a fraction of the 5,000 workers Brandenburg farmers need.
We are familiar with only a tiny fraction of the universe.
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