Meaning: tr
sinsice dolaşmak, av aramak
Sami saw a man prowling the parking lot.
The panthers prowled through the jungle.
Then fury spurred their courage, and behold, / As ravening wolves, when darkness hides the day, / Stung with mad fire of famine uncontrolled, / Prowl from their dens, and leave the whelps to stay, / With jaws athirst and gaping for the prey. / So to sure death, amid the darkness there, / Where swords, and spears, and foemen bar the way, / Into the centre of the town we fare. / Night with her shadowy cone broods o'er the vaulted air.
Robbers prowl around at midnight.
The fly prowls around food.
Tales were told in the city of the weird figure which was seen prowling about the suburbs, and which haunted the lonely mountain gorges.
I set a trap for the prowler.
Be careful. There are gang members prowling the streets.
When darkness falls, the baboons return to the trees to sleep, safe from night prowlers.
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