Meaning: tr
teşvik etmek, özendirmek
That lecture really stimulated me.
Moderate exercise stimulates the circulation of blood.
Young kittens knead their mother's belly to stimulate her to produce milk, so when grown cats knead on you, it means they're happy and comfortable with you – just like you're their mama.
Lower taxes stimulate economic growth.
We aim to stimulate the creation of a private space industry.
Praise stimulates students to work hard.
Coffee and tea stimulate me.
A bull, stimulated either by the scarlet colour of Miss Ashton's mantle, or by one of those fits of capricious ferocity to which their dispositions are liable, detached himself suddenly from the group which was feeding at the upper extremity of a grassy glade, that seemed to lose itself among the crossing and entangled boughs. The animal approached the intruders on his pasture ground, at first slowly, pawing the ground with his hoof, bellowing from time to time, and tearing up the sand with his horns, as if to lash himself up to rage and violence.
Falling interest rates have stimulated the automobile market.
Reading stimulates the brain, your mind becomes more active and intelligent.
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