Meaning: tr
kıvrılmak, kıvranmak, kıpırdanmak
Tom and Mary squirmed in their seats.
Tom squirmed in his chair a little bit.
She squirmed in her seat.
Davy thrust his hand into his pocket and produced . . . a caterpillar, a furry, squirming caterpillar.
Mary squirmed in her seat.
A good translator is one who, akin to a worm, can squirm with delight around in the author's brain mass, and leave through the tongue to have its taste impressions confirmed, and then leave well-formed traces on paper line after line, sheet after sheet, until the last page is done — and he once again returns to his former self, and as a member of the smallest and least respected low-salary group, signs up yet again to exert his effort for God's representative on earth, the publishers.
Stop squirming. Sit still.
He squirmed in his seat.
Tom squirmed in his seat.
Tom squirmed uncomfortably.
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