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Some lovely half-timbered houses dotted the landscape.
We want to bring language tools to the next level. We want to see innovation in the language learning landscape. And this cannot happen without open language resources which cannot be built without a community which cannot contribute without efficient platforms.
Someday someone will stand on the Martian landscape and take a picture of Earth in the night sky.
Tom is a landscape designer.
The landscape of yellow, a mass of sunflowers flourishing beyond measure.
A book, like a landscape, is a state of consciousness varying with readers.
The large siheyuans of these high-ranking officials and wealthy merchants often featured beautifully carved and painted roof beams and pillars and carefully landscaped gardens.
Words fail me to describe the beauty of this landscape.
Franz Liszt created the concept of the ""symphonic poem"". This is a composition for orchestra that uses music to describe nonmusical content. This could include, for example, people, legendary figures, landscapes, or paintings.
From the plane, the landscape was just a patchwork of fields.
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