Meaning: tr
tenezzül etmek, lütfetmek
She seemed to be an angel descended on earth, unallied to the coarse mortals among whom she deigned to dwell for a season.
O by the gods, who know the just and true, / by faith unstained – if any such there be –, / with mercy deign such miseries to view; / pity a soul that toils with evils all undue."
Thou, who alone Troy's sorrows deign'st to hear, / and us, the gleanings of the Danaan spear, / poor world-wide wanderers and in desperate case, / has ta'en to share thy city and thy cheer, / meet thanks nor we, nor what of Dardan race / yet roams the earth, can give to recompense thy grace."
She would not deign to consider such an offer.
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