Meaning: tr
serpmek; suyla oynamak; uğraşmak
Mary denied that she had dabbled in magic.
What a fool she is to dabble in stocks!
Here they found the unfortunate girl seated, or rather couched like a hare upon its form—her head-gear dishevelled, her night-clothes torn and dabbled with blood, her eyes glazed, and her features convulsed into a wild paroxysm of insanity.
She dabbled with drugs.
Tom has dabbled in the dark arts.
But soon their skins turned cold, for there came a sound of galloping across the moor, and the black mare, dabbled with white froth, went past with trailing bridle and empty saddle.
Mary dabbled in magic.
Tom dabbles in the stock market.
Tom dabbled in cocaine in his youth.
Mary admitted that she had dabbled in the magical arts.
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