Meaning: tr
birleştirmek, bağlamak
Native Americans are the indigenous peoples of the United States.
He was raised in the United States, but his native language is Japanese.
The youngest car company in the United States is more than ninety years old.
A doctor in the United States: "I'm sorry to inform you that you're suffering from a terminal illness." - "Which one?" - "It's poverty."
We import grain from the United States.
Alberta Clipper is a fast-moving low pressure system that occurs during the winter and sweeps southeast from Alberta, Canada, across the northern Great Plains and Midwest of the United States. These storms usually bring a few inches of snow.
The United States welcomes immigrants from many countries.
During the President's first term, the United States more than doubled generation of electricity from wind and solar energy.
I have even studied the grammar of Esperanto to understand what it’s about, and I came to two conclusions. It is a very, very well-made language. From the linguistic viewpoint, it really follows admirable criteria of economy of language and efficiency. Secondly, all other movements for international languages have failed, but not that of Esperanto, which further unites humanity everywhere in the world, because behind Esperanto is an idea, an ideal.
The United States has diplomatic ties with more than 100 countries.
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