Meaning: tr
bozmak, kırmak, yıkmak
A woman did not magically appear on a space shuttle. It took Sally Ride’s relentless commitment, Mae Jemison’s boundless courage to shatter that glass ceiling.
There's shattered glass everywhere.
Sami's phone screen is shattered.
Mennad shattered all the bones of his nose.
His dreams were shattered.
Shattered bones and crushed flesh won't cancel your debts. One word of insight is worth ten million words of apology.
Tom's self-confidence was shattered after his boss dressed him down in front of his workmates.
This pleasant vision was shattered by a most unpleasant interruption.
The revolt that took place 1871 in Algeria was shatteringly and cruelly defeated by the French army.
With twice ten ships I climbed the Phrygian main, / my goddess-mother pointing out the way, / as Fate commanded. Now scarce seven remain, / wave-worn and shattered by the tempest's strain."
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