Meaning: tr
model, ilk örnek.
Blood poured out at the foot of the altar of burnt offerings of the earthly sanctuary was a prototype of those who gave their lives for the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ.
The USS Monitor was the prototype for a class of U.S. Civil War ironclad, turreted warships that significantly altered both naval technology and marine architecture in the nineteenth century.
The high priest carrying the names of the children of Israel on his shoulders was a prototype of Christ interceding before the Heavenly Father on our behalf.
Five prototypes were completed.
This car prototype is dangerously unreliable.
Frankincense added to the grain offering was a prototype of prayer to God.
This is a prototype.
prototype.js - inserts update information into the page when the page is loaded.
This design is too inefficient to prototype.
It took four years to Tom to build a working prototype of his new environmentally friendly car.
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