Meaning: tr
üzmek, kederlendirmek
Certainly her mother wept bitterly and sorrowfully, but at the same time she said, "Pride goes before a fall! There was your misfortune, Inge! How you have grieved your mother."
I advised him not to grieve over the past.
I never said a word to Mary, for I knew it would grieve her.
His death grieves all of his friends.
He grieved over his failures.
Nor less Andromache, sore grieved to part, / rich raiment fetches, wrought with golden thread, / and Phrygian scarf, and still with bounteous heart / loads him with broideries. "Take these", she said, / "sole image of Astyanax now dead. / Thy kin's last gifts, my handiwork, to show / how Hector's widow loved the son she bred. / Such eyes had he, such very looks as thou, / such hands, and oh! like thine his age were ripening now!"
Sami wanted to grieve in private.
No forest flower was trampled beneath his feet, lest the friendly Ryls should be grieved.
We cannot grieve over his death too deeply.
Don't grieve about your past errors.
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