Meaning: tr
iki tekerlekli araba
Make me a conqueror of all nations; let the famous chariot carry me all the way from the sun to Thebes in triumph: I will consider myself human even when I am hailed everywhere as a god.
The King handed her out of the chariot, and she approved everything he had done; but as she had very great foresight, she thought that when the Princess should awake she might not know what to do with herself, if she was all alone in this old palace.
Sighing he sees him, chariot, arms and all, / and Priam, spreading helpless hands in vain.
Perseus saw his children, one after the other, dragged behind the victor's chariot.
For Pharaoh went in on horseback with his chariots and horsemen into the sea: and the Lord brought back upon them the waters of the sea: but the children of Israel walked on dry ground in the midst thereof.
He sees, how, fighting round the Trojan wall, / here fled the Greeks, the Trojan youth pursue, / here fled the Phrygians, and, with helmet tall, / Achilles in his chariot stormed and slew.
Here were her arms and her chariot; the goddess, even then, strove and nurtured this place to be a kingdom for the nations, if only the fates allowed.
And the Egyptians shall know that I am the Lord, when I shall be glorified in Pharaoh, and in his chariots, and in his horsemen.
Chariot races were popular in ancient Rome.
The ancient Greeks believed that the Sun rode across the sky in a chariot drawn by four white horses driven by the god Heleius.
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