Meaning: tr
seçmek, ayırmak, ayıklamak
There is new Cult of Scientism, a dogmatic circle jerk of intellectual bullies who insist the only "science" that's true is their own selected brand of corporate-sponsored science.
Stock-raising is one of the farmer's occupations and the animals are carefully selected according to their breed.
Tom made a careful selection.
Conchita Wurst's selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 sparked controversy in Austria.
Layla selected a total of six bridesmaids.
Once selected to join the astronaut corps, training begins at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.
He gave me a select brand of canned goods.
It was by no means unanimous but your proposal was selected.
We must select one from among these applicants.
I have been selected to participate in this program.
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