Meaning: tr
yasaklama, yasak
Tom climbed over the high wire fence in order to get into the old factory in spite of his father's prohibition.
During prohibition days, racketeers used to rub each other out to get control of the rum-running racket.
The first prohibition of slavery was in the mid-nineteenth century.
For a prohibition to be accepted with respect, the reasons for it should be logical and clear.
God through the prophets Isaiah, Ezekiel and Micah accused his people of violating his prohibition on accepting bribes.
* The basic prohibitions (No slander, libel, etc.) are noted in the "Read me first." Please be sure to read it.
However, this prohibition does not apply if you use an air rifle, air pistol, or 22- caliber rimfire firearm for the control of listed birds.
During the 1920's alcohol prohibition in the United States, whiskey could be obtained legally with a doctor's prescription.
Prohibition isn't taken seriously by anyone.
Prohibition is hereby officially prohibited.
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