Meaning: tr
takdir etmek, nasip etmek, emretmek
To thee, yea, thee, fierce miscreant", he cried, / may Heaven, if Heaven with righteous eyes behold / so foul an outrage and a deed so bold, / ne'er fail a fitting guerdon to ordain, / nor worthy quittance for thy crime withhold, / whose hand hath made me see my darling slain, / and dared with filial blood a father's eyes profane."
God has ordained that all men shall die.
It is what the law ordains.
Tom is an ordained minister.
Laocoon, Neptune's priest, by lot ordained, / a stately bull before the altar slew.
Now, to ease thy woes, / since sorrow for his sake hath dimmed thine eyes, / more will I tell, and hidden fates disclose. / He in Italia long shall battle with his foes, / and crush fierce tribes, and milder ways ordain, / and cities build and wield the Latin sway, / till the third summer shall have seen him reign, / and three long winter-seasons passed away / since fierce Rutulia did his arms obey."
Sami was an ordained minister in Egypt.
O Goddess-born, high auspices are thine, / and heaven's plain omens guide thee o'er the main. / Thus Jove, by lot unfolding his design, / assorts the chances, and the Fates ordain. / This much may I of many things explain, / how best o'er foreign seas to urge thy keel / in safety, and Ausonian ports attain, / the rest from Helenus the Fates conceal, / and Juno's envious power forbids me to reveal."
Tom became an ordained minister.
Tom was ordained in 2013.
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