Meaning: tr
müjdeci, haberci, ata
Scientists have unearthed in northwestern Argentina fossils of the earliest-known giant dinosaur, a four-legged plant-eater with a medium-length neck and long tail that was a forerunner of the largest land animals of all time.
The crocus is a forerunner of spring.
Already he had forgotten the harsh attacks on him by the Volapükists. He spoke only of the great work of his forerunner. He asked the congress to honour his name.
In the blue vault of the heaven there had appeared three little specks which increased in size every moment, so rapidly did they approach. They speedily resolved themselves into three large brown birds, which circled over the heads of the two wanderers, and then settled upon some rocks which overlooked them. They were buzzards, the vultures of the west, whose coming is the forerunner of death.
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