Meaning: tr
Sarah was discerning enough to realize that her friends were trying to prank her.
The sun had now risen, and showed its broad disk above the eastern sea, so that he could easily discern the horseman who rode towards him with speed which argued impatience equal to his own.
I was near you, when you sat beneath those beech-trees, and piped and sang the praises of your sweetheart Amaryllis: I was close to the damsel, but you could not discern me. I gave her to you, and some brave boys, who are now excellent husbandmen and herdsmen, are the pledges of your love.
He can't discern fact from fiction.
The inky litre of blueberry juice needed something else to make it taste better, but he could not discern what that something could be.
On looking to the fountain, Ravenswood discerned a female figure, dressed in a white, or rather greyish, mantle, placed on the very spot on which Lucy Ashton had reclined.
No trace whatever of horse or rider could be discerned.
This man discerns well.
Comedy too can sometimes discern what is right.
With adequate lighting, one can easily discern Nosferatu, with his pointed incisors and extremely long-limbed fingers, known as arachnodaktyly, from common vampires.
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