Meaning: tr
tüzel kişi, kurum, şirket
He set out on his career as a corporation lawyer.
We need to close loopholes that allow corporations and wealthy individuals to avoid paying their fair share of taxes through tax havens and tax avoidance, trillions of dollars that could be going towards pressing needs like education and health care and infrastructure.
Imagine if the vast wealth of corporations were put to use for conquering space.
Are corporations or governments worse?
Notwithstanding the objections made by some of the corporations party to this arbitration, the committee has decided to remunerate the victims of the accident, as well as cover any medical expenses they may incur.
These corporations want to dump lead and radioactive waste in our drinking water. This cannot be tolerated.
In 1980 the Ontario Censor Board banned the film "The Tin Drum," adapted from the Günter Grass novel, but the media found this silly, and so the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) showed the offending scene that night from coast to coast on the national news.
Corporations are downsizing and reducing the amount of profits they put back into R&D.
He works for a large corporation.
My father holds the major interest in the corporation.
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