Meaning: tr
süslemek, güzelleştirmek
A slew of corporate logos adorned the entrance to the soccer match.
The tall, curved fence was adorned with barbed wire, for extra measure.
Adorn thyself with simplicity.
A grove stood in the city, rich in shade, / where storm-tost Tyrians, past the perilous brine, / dug from the ground, by royal Juno's aid, / a war-steed's head, to far-off days a sign / that wealth and prowess should adorn the line.
His manly figure was adorned and enriched by a beautiful pair of donkey's ears.
Paintings adorned the walls of the palace.
They adorned the room with flowers.
She adorned her dress with flowers.
And I asked her, and said: Whose daughter art thou? And she answered: I am the daughter of Bathuel, the son of Nachor, whom Melcha bore to him. So I put earrings on her to adorn her face, and I put bracelets on her hands.
Ye powers inviolate, ever-burning lights! / Ye ruthless swords and altars, which I fled, / Ye sacred fillets, that adorned my head!"
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