Meaning: tr
ant, yemin, adak; ahdetmek
By the God of the Hungarians we vow, we vow, that we will be slaves no longer!
In addition, devanagari is an abugida, used for Sanskrit, Nepali and Hindi, in which the characters contain a final 'a'-sound if another vowel does not change the sound. However, Arabic and Hebrew use separate systems called abjads, in which the vowels are not always indicated.
Tom has vowed that he'll do that.
Tom and Mary vowed to help each other.
Tom vowed to keep fighting.
She vowed she'd never do it.
There are many more vowels in French than in Japanese.
They've vowed they'll do that.
His name starts with a vowel.
Then sire Anchises hastened to entwine / a massive goblet with a wreath, and vowed / libations to the gods, and poured the wine / and on the lofty stern invoked the powers divine: / "Great gods, whom Earth and Sea and Storms obey, / breathe fair, and waft us smoothly o'er the main."
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