Meaning: tr
saflık, temizlik, namus
According to the Bavarian Purity Law, only barley, hops, water and yeast may be used to brew beer.
The whiteness of the lily is a symbol of purity.
I am just a traveller who seeks the purity of the soul.
In the name of Purity what lies are told! What queer morality it has engendered.
She cannot receive any power from me greater than she now has, which consists in her own purity and innocence of heart.
Ideological purity tests accomplish nothing.
You will see fearful shapes in darkness, and wicked voices will whisper in your ear, but they will not harm you, for against the purity of a little child the powers of Hell cannot prevail.
I am just a wanderer, seeking purity of the soul.
The color white is a symbol of purity.
Purity is at best an approximation.
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