Meaning: tr
daha iyi, tercih edilir
Death is preferable to such suffering.
Prevention is much preferable to cure.
Another thing which makes preferable moving by foot or by bicycle is the use of a car: nowadays the level of air pollution is very high because of the high number of cars, and, to reduce that level, the municipality has decided to forbid the road traffic on certain days during a certain period; furthermore, there are always traffic jams on Reggio Emilia's roads, so you'll waste lots of time while stuck in a traffic jam.
Peace is preferable to war.
I think peace is very much preferable to war, don't you?
I think death is preferable to shame.
To the bird, a simple branch is preferable to a golden cage.
It is preferable that she do it alone.
It is preferable to shop on Thursdays when the fruit and vegetables are fresher.
Death is preferable to shame.
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