Meaning: tr
çevre kirliliğine yol açan madde
Too much rain, especially in the city, can lead to flooding, causing sewers to overflow and carry pollutants and contaminants to nearby streams and waterways.
Some people only buy organic food; they think that in this way their body will not be damaged by pollutants.
Wetlands also absorb excess nutrients, sediments, and other pollutants before they reach rivers, lakes, and other waterbodies.
We can conclude that this phenomenon is not related to either pollutant.
Besides global warming, air pollution from the Indo-Gangetic Plains—one of the world’s most polluted regions is also impacting the mountains as these pollutants deposit black carbon and dust on the glaciers, hastening their melting according to the study.
Volkswagen's diesel cars emit as much as 40 times more pollutants as they are allowed under the Clean Air Act rules.
This smokestack is releasing greenhouse gases and other pollutants into the atmosphere.
Pollutants like this derive mainly from the combustion of fuel in car engines.
Lead is a common environmental pollutant.
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