Meaning: tr
yok etme, kökünü kurutma
Sweatshop labor, rainforest destruction, global warming, displacement of indigenous communities, air and water pollution, eradication of wildlife on farmland as “pests”, the violent overthrow of popularly elected governments to maintain puppet dictators compliant to big business interests, open-pit strip mining, oil drilling in environmentally sensitive areas, union busting, child slavery, and payoffs to repressive regimes are just some of the many impacts of the seemingly innocuous consumer products we consume every day.
The project is a threatened species reintroduction project. We are aiming at eradicating feral animals, predators particularly — cats and foxes — from a large landscape. We will be working with local Indigenous communities to achieve that eradication. We will be then reintroducing a whole range of Australian endangered mammal species that have disappeared from this landscape completely.
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