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n. organ in female mammals that secretes milk (such as breast in women, udder in cows, etc.); mammary gland and its exterior parts
Who's there?" called the Wolf. Little Red Riding-hood, hearing the big voice of the Wolf, was at first afraid; but thinking her grandmother had a cold, answered:— "'Tis your grandchild, Little Red Riding-hood, who has brought you a custard and a little pot of butter sent to you by mamma."
A dolphin is a mammal species.
Mammals care for their young.
Eucalyptus leaves are poisonous to most mammals.
Giraffes sleep the least of all mammals on Earth: only four hours a day.
Platypuses aren't the only mammals that lay eggs.
The uterus, also called the womb, is a secondary sex organ in the reproductive systems of many mammals, including humans.
Bats are mammals.
Trawler nets are one possible cause for the demise of the marine mammals.
Although not as warm as mammals and birds, the opah circulates heated blood throughout its body, giving it a competitive advantage in the cold ocean depths from 150 to 1,300 feet below the surface.
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