Meaning: tr
sendelemek, kekelemek, duraklamak
In the end, he also faltered in the face of great adversity.
Her voice always falters when she mentions her late father.
Lucy's bloodless lips could only falter out the words, “It was my mother.”
As when a wounded bull / shakes from his neck the faltering axe and, fain / to fly the cruel altars, roars in pain.
And falteringly the traitor plays his part. / 'Oft, wearied by the war, the Danaans planned / to leave – and oh! had they but left – the land.'"
He stared at him intensely, the gaze not faltering for a moment as the words were gracefully thrown at him.
You must not falter.
Distracted with amaze / she marked me, as the Trojan arms shone plain. / Heat leaves her frame; she stiffens with the gaze, / she swoons – and scarce at length these faltering words essays:
His career had faltered.
And how long is it before Marilla expects to be stone blind, Anne?" "The doctor thinks her eyes will not get any worse if she is very careful," faltered Anne.
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