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n. movement that promotes Jews returning to and rebuilding Israel
Zionism isn't part of Judaism.
Zionism should not be conflated with Jews.
The occupation of the West Bank is a continuation of Zionism.
Yitzhak is Jewish and he is totally opposed to the ideas of Zionism.
Ilan Pappe says that Zionism is no different than any other settler colonial movement.
When Zionism started, a lot of Jews didn't accept it.
Any Jew who criticizes Zionism is labelled as a "self-hating Jew."
Israel can't continue to exist in isolation and the solution to its major problem is the dissolution of Zionism, the setting up of one state with the return of the Palestinian refugees and their descendants to a country where Jews and Arab Muslims and Christians would live together as equal citizens.
The group of Israeli historians called the New Historians challenge the official narrative of the history of Zionism.
Ilan Pappe says that Zionism is a settler colonial movement.
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