Wordset: Play
adv. during the night; on the previous evening adj. occurring or continuing during the night; lasting the night; designed to be used for one night (i.e. overnight bag); rapid, sudden
legal expert, judge, lawyer
encouraging or arousing interest or enthusiasm
list of terms and definitions
truthfulness, honesty; accuracy
a large amount; much.
adj. unfortunate, unlucky, ill-fated
n. boredom, tedium, lethargy
product of the imagination, notion
anticipative; predictive
sad, gloomy, irritable, bitter
adj. thin, gentle, fine, sparse
prior condition, previous stipulation
look back, reflecting on things in the past
an unauthorized copy or imitation
intrigue, plot, secret plan
compose melodies; make something melodic
succinct, concise
incapable; unfit, inadequate; inexpert
uneducated worker (derogatory)
copy, replicate, photocopy, identical
based on mutual agreement
derogatory; counterfeit, fake
cheek muscle
criminal, evildoer
diminish in intensity, decrease
praise, commend
little bit, tiny amount; scribble down
late; slow, sluggish
smallest unit in a substance or compound
smallest part of an element
frightening; the process of becoming cooler
v. clasp together; hold tightly
disease, illness
exciting; extraordinary
number 1000
sung without instrumental accompaniment
expend money
peaceful, charmingly rustic, pastoral
put out, quench; totally destroy, annihilate
afternoon performance of a play or movie
dark violet-blue color
staff, team, crew
choosy, selective; fastidious, meticulous
pertaining to land along the sea
a person loved by another person
submissive, dutiful, following orders; disciplined
characteristic of or being a brat; ill-mannered
longing for something past
pretty woman, darling person; sweetie
young male rooster
raise, increase; make worse, aggravate
exactness, accuracy
stimulator, one who inspires others to action
resemble, behave like, pursue
wonderful, excellent, extraordinary
cybernetic organism, combination of human and machine
distance from end to end; period of time
study of the development of the human race
assign a priority to
provocation of dissent, act of promoting rebellion
center of a target; direct hit
herd, pack; crowd; gather
word having the opposite meaning of another word
the latest possible moment
of or pertaining to idealists, principled
one who lives according to some standard of perfection
disease, plague, scourge; destroy, ruin
untidy, poorly dressed
rabble, lower social classes
show to be true, prove correct
something outstanding or unique of its kind
manage, supervise; implement; supply
is connected to, is related to, involves
guarantee; authority; justification
briefly, impermanently, passingly
permit; approve; empower
diversity, multiplicity; kind
exaggeration, embellishment
stop, halt, cease; break
vigorous, full of energy
science of numbers and number patterns and forms
picture, envisage, imagine
past participle of begin
make quieter; silent
practice session for a performance
cheerful, happy, joyful
joyful, cheerful; naughty
laughable, causing laughter, funny
abandoned, forsaken
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