Wordset: Play
a person who talks excessively or indiscreetly
not involving participation or intervention
get started; begin, commence
decide, choose
somehow, in some way
infrequently, not often
pay the bill
avoid a failure or loss or injury
earn a lot of money
someone who does not fit in
hediye olarak. bedava, şirket hesabına
having the same trouble; in a similar situation
get married, be wed
raining very hard
on the run or in a hurry; without preparation
in a delicate or dangerous situation
not my taste, does not suit my style
guess, try to answer
eli ayağı tutan, hayat dolu, hareketli
feeling for jokes and humor
nearby, very close; imminent
crowded, filled to maximum capacity
get along well, be friends immediately
have a great time, have a lot of fun
stop!, enough!; quit it
very plentiful, common, inexpensive
improvise, play it by ear
engage in passive relaxation
try, attempt
give up, concede
contact a person
persuade somebody to do something
after considering it again, after thinking again
geçmişe dayanmak, geçmişe uzanmak
sırasında, esnasında
center of a target; direct hit
the latest possible moment
is connected to, is related to, involves
-e uygun olmak, erişmek
araları bozuk, kavgalı
önünü açmak, kolaylaştırmak, imkan vermek
önlem almak, tedbir almak
kaçınmak, uzak durmak, sakınmak
delirtmek, çıldırtmak
uzun bir süre
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