Meaning: tr
tekne, yalak
And he put them in the troughs, where the water was poured out; that when the flocks should come to drink, they might have the rods before their eyes, and in the sight of them might conceive.
And the priest of Madian had seven daughters, who came to draw water: and when the troughs were filled, desired to water their father's flocks.
He put the clothes in the trough.
He sits upright, not crouched over his plate like an animal at a feeding trough.
And Jacob separated the flock, and put the rods in the troughs before the eyes of the rams; and all the white and the black were Laban's, and the rest were Jacob's, when the flocks were separated one from the other.
Allocation of RAM usually involves a system call trough or not trough a system library or framework.
So when the ewes went first to ram, Jacob put the rods in the troughs of water before the eyes of the rams, and of the ewes, that they might conceive while they were looking upon them.
And pouring out the pitcher into the troughs, she ran back to the well to draw water; and having drawn, she gave to all the camels.
He slipped from the roof directly into the trough and drowned.
The wavelength is the distance from crest to crest, or from trough to trough.
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