Meaning: tr
hafif renk, az miktar, iz, belirti
The corners of his lips showed a bluish tinge that really worried the nurse.
Pop, pop," sounded in the air, and the two wild geese fell dead among the rushes, and the water was tinged with blood.
Dim sunbeams on my eyelids, a faint tinge dyes the room.
The sun was beginning to sink behind the stables of Mapleton, and the long, sloping plain in front of us was tinged with gold, deepening into rich, ruddy browns where the faded ferns and brambles caught the evening light.
There is a tinge of red in the eastern sky.
With his slight, tall figure, his sharp features, thoughtful face, and curling hair prematurely tinged with grey, he seemed to represent that not too common type, a nobleman who is in truth noble.
Holmes looked even thinner and keener than of old, but there was a dead-white tinge in his aquiline face which told me that his life recently had not been a healthy one.
Her cheeks were tinged with red by the warmth of the fire.
Her cheeks were tinged with pink.
The solitary window was so dirty that the light was hazy and uncertain, giving a dull grey tinge to everything, which was intensified by the thick layer of dust which coated the whole apartment.
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