Meaning: tr
düğüm; karıştırmak
As one who, in a tangled brake apart, / on some lithe snake, unheeded in the briar, / hath trodden heavily, and with backward start / flies, trembling at the head uplift in ire / and blue neck, swoln in many a glittering spire. / So slinks Androgeus, shuddering with dismay.
I wish I could tangle your hair into beautiful braids.
It confuses me how combs can become so tangled up in my hair.
A long piece of thread easily becomes tangled up.
Sami was weaving a tangled web.
I have now in my hands," my companion said, confidently, "all the threads which have formed such a tangle. There are, of course details to be filled in, but I am as certain of all the main facts."
Don't pull, or you'll tangle the threads.
The cat tangled up all the threads.
The baby tangled the ball of yarn.
A tangled hierarchy is a hierarchical consciousness system in which a strange loop appears.
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