Meaning: tr
örtü; gizlemek
The origins of these people is shrouded in mystery.
Look now, for I will clear the mists that shroud / thy mortal gaze, and from the visual ray / purge the gross covering of this circling cloud. / Thou heed, and fear not, whatsoe'er I say, / nor scorn thy mother's counsels to obey."
The room is shrouded in smoke.
The shroud has no pockets.
He is surrounded by a shroud of mourning.
Mary's life was shrouded in scandal and mystery.
The stars were chased, and blushing rose the day. / Dimly, at distance through the misty shroud / Italia's hills and lowlands we survey, / "Italia," first Achates shouts aloud: / "Italia," echoes from the joyful crowd.
One day and now another passed; the gale / sings in the shrouds, and calls us to depart.
Tom's life is shrouded in scandal and mystery.
The mountain was shrouded in fog.
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