Meaning: tr
köşe bucak aramak, ovmak
When lo, before him in the wood appears / his mother, in a virgin's arms arrayed, / in form and habit of a Spartan maid, / or like Harpalyce, the pride of Thrace, / who tires swift steeds, and scours the woodland glade, / and outstrips rapid Hebrus in the race. / So fair the goddess seemed, apparelled for the chase.
As far as I understand despite my short knowledge, here in Venezuela we must adapt to the prevailing mentality and social order, therefore an individual must live among opportunism, poverty, manipulation and superficiality. It might be a very own characteristic of the Latino idiosyncrasy to behave like in the book by Gabriel García Márquez when it comes to deal with delicate situations. Everybody knows what's happening, but nobody raises his voice or even if somebody did, nobody would support him. Only the enlightenment through education could end the ignorance that scourges our people, from which many other problems come up. However, it's unlikely to expect that a government proposes to spread values that threaten its own interests, because it's better for them to keep society ignorant in order to manipulate them with ease.
They heard that a Seven-Headed Dragon was ravaging the neighbouring kingdom, and that the king had promised his daughter's hand to anyone that would free the land from this scourge.
Would that your king AEneas here could stand, / driven by the gale that drove you to this strand! / Natheless, to scour the country, will I send / some trusty messengers, with strict command / to search through Libya to the furthest end, / lest, cast ashore, through town or lonely wood he wend."
Sami's defense team scoured law books to find a path to justice.
Algeria should eradicate the terrorism scourge.
So spake the God and with her hest complied, / and turned the massive sceptre in his hand / and pushed the hollow mountain on its side. / Out rushed the winds, like soldiers in a band, / in wedged array, and, whirling, scour the land.
How will I scour with a fork?
There is nothing like cleanliness," said she, as she scoured the pot with a bundle of snakes.
All afternoon a violent storm scoured the little town's streets.
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