Meaning: tr
köşe bucak aramak, ovmak
But the Lord scourged Pharaoh and his house with most grievous stripes for Sarai, Abram's wife.
They have scoured the whole desert in search of the hidden treasure.
There is nothing like cleanliness," said she, as she scoured the pot with a bundle of snakes.
Detective Dan Anderson scoured the scene for evidence.
Sami scoured the Internet to find more information about that.
The stepmother gave her the meanest work in the house to do; she had to scour the dishes, tables, etc., and to scrub the floors and clean out the bedrooms.
Empowered, informed citizens are the scourge of any tyrant.
Police are scouring security footage following a robbery in the city centre.
So spake the God and with her hest complied, / and turned the massive sceptre in his hand / and pushed the hollow mountain on its side. / Out rushed the winds, like soldiers in a band, / in wedged array, and, whirling, scour the land.
- Go to work, scour the shit. - Screw you!
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