Meaning: tr
ün, şöhret, şan
Sami is the director of a renowned translation office.
When now the Gods have made proud Ilion fall, / and Asia's power and Priam's race renowned / o'erwhelmed in ruin undeserved, and all / Neptunian Troy lies smouldering on the ground, / in desert lands, to diverse exile bound, / celestial portents bid us forth to fare; / where Ida's heights above Antandros frowned, / a fleet we build, and gather crews, unware / which way the Fates will lead, what home is ours and where.
With joy from out the hollow wood they bound; / first, dire Ulysses, with his captains two, / Thessander bold and Sthenelus renowned, / down by a pendent rope come sliding to the ground. / Then Thoas comes; and Acamas, athirst / for blood; and Neoptolemus, the heir / of mighty Peleus; and Machaon first; / and Menelaus; and himself is there, / Epeus, framer of the fatal snare.
Noam Chomsky is a Jewish intellectual of international renown.
Here, by the goddess and her gifts renowned, / Sidonian Dido built a stately shrine. / All brazen rose the threshold; brass was round / the door-posts; brazen doors on grating hinges sound.
O Muse, assist me and inspire my song, / the various causes and the crimes relate, / for what affronted majesty, what wrong / to injured Godhead, what offence so great / Heaven's Queen resenting, with remorseless hate, / could one renowned for piety compel / to brave such troubles, and endure the weight / of toils so many and so huge. O tell / how can in heavenly minds such fierce resentment dwell?
Layla, an Aborigene, made use of her renowned tracking skills.
Here warlike Epytus, renowned in fight, / and valiant Rhipeus gather to our side, / and Hypanis and Dymas, matched in might, join with us, by the glimmering moon descried. / Here Mygdon's son, Coroebus, we espied, / who came to Troy, Cassandra's love to gain, / and now his troop with Priam's hosts allied; / poor youth and heedless! whom in frenzied strain / his promised bride had warned, but warned, alas! in vain.
He was truly a renowned professor who took the time to break every problem down step-by-step. Even a poor student like myself was able to follow along with and grasp such complex equations.
Ah, Alsace! It is usually known for the beauty of its half-timbered houses, its renowned gastronomy and its famous Christmas markets. However, it is also a cultural crossroads in the heart of Europe. It links France, Switzerland and Germany through an incredible diversity of landscapes where, flanked by mountains and the banks of the Rhine, open-air activities abound.
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