Meaning: tr
vazgeçmek, terk etmek, feragat etmek
In a 1774 letter to his wife, Founding Father John Adams wrote, “I have drank Coffee every Afternoon since, and have borne it very well. Tea must be universally renounced.”
I will never wed man without the consent of my parents, yet neither force nor persuasion shall dispose of my hand till you renounce the right I have given you to it.
I renounce everything as long as I can be with you.
Experience is a revelation in the light of which we renounce our errors of youth for those of age.
He renounced the ownership of the land.
They renounced their son.
In 1896, Einstein renounced his German citizenship. He was not a citizen of any country until 1901 when he became a citizen of Switzerland.
Mary renounced her moral values and became a nihilist.
Tom renounced the world.
Tom renounced his claim to the property.
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