Meaning: tr
birlik, takım, heyet
Ferrier carried the bag of gold and notes, Jefferson Hope had the scanty provisions and water, while Lucy had a small bundle containing a few of her more valued possessions.
Why are you so possessive?
To possess strength, whether physical or moral and not to take advantage of it at least occasionally it's hard, nearly impossible.
Tom is possessive, but Mary isn't.
Believe that many precepts are better than much wealth; for wealth quickly fails us, but precepts abide through all time; for wisdom alone of all possessions is imperishable.
On the authority of my uncle's girlfriend, I claim possession of the last seven beers in this cooler.
Except the land of the priests, which had been given them by the king: to whom also a certain allowance of food was given out of the public stores, and therefore they were not forced to sell their possessions.
Portugal has decriminalized drug possession for personal uses.
Tracy possesses a house and a car.
Tom doesn't know what possessed Mary to do that.
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