Meaning: tr
yağmalamak, talan etmek
The pirate plunders the treasure trove.
It is my intention to plunder and pilfer my weasely guts out.
When the pirates saw the handsome youth, who, they knew, would be a prize of greater value than all the plunder they could find in the fields, they ceased to pursue the goats or to search for other spoil, and dragged him to their vessel, while he wept in despair, and called loudly on his Chloe.
Under Bouteflika, corrupt officials plundered Algeria's vast resources.
After the thorough plundering of the town, its people had no riches and no goods left.
They accused the Mitylenaeans of seizing their boat, as if it had belonged to an enemy, and of plundering it of all its contents.
Algerian seas are illegally plundered for their coral.
Thus plundering as they went, the soldiers landed at last on the estate where Daphnis and Chloe pastured their goats and sheep, and carried off whatever spoil they could find.
Algerian coasts are illegally plundered for their coral.
The pirates plundered everything that fell in their way.
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