Meaning: tr
zulmetmek, eziyet etmek, acı çektirmek
Mary said that she felt persecuted.
Tom said that he felt persecuted.
Tom felt persecuted.
In France, we leave alone those who start fires, but we persecute those who sound the alarm.
Averroes severely criticized Islam, which is why he was persecuted.
They not only rejected the study of science out of the christian schools, but they persecuted it.
Tom and Mary said that they felt persecuted.
He said that he felt persecuted.
She said that she felt persecuted.
The separatists are trying to portray Kabyles as an "endangered and persecuted ethnic minority" that needs to seek "independence" from a so-called "Algerian colonial regime." In fact, there are millions of Kabyles in Algeria; they live in every single part of the country; they are perfectly integrated at every level of the Algerian society; they are free to go, work, and live everywhere in Algreria; they intermarry with people from all over Algeria; they massively reject any separatist plans to divide Algeria and their parents and grandparents played a crucial role in the rise of Algerian nationalism and the liberation of Algeria.
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