Meaning: tr
iki olay arası
During the interval, Takashi and Harumi got a drink at the theater bar.
There was a long interval before he answered.
Life is only a blink of an eye. That which is seen depends on that short interval.
We make it a rule to get together at intervals.
95% Confidence Interval was used to express the range estimated to contain the true population mean with a confidence of 95%
Drink your medicine at the prescribed intervals.
The Olympic Games take place at intervals of four years.
As is the wont of seamen, to beguile their toil one of them sang a song, in the chorus of which the others joined at intervals.
The volcano erupts at regular intervals.
Being confined within doors by the severity of the weather, many of the labourers and shepherds regarded this season as an interval of rest, and immediately after their morning meal they would lie down and sleep.
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