Meaning: tr
ani rüzgar, bora, fırtına
The strong, gusty wind strived to strip the leaves off the trees.
Red tongues of flame and searing gusts of heat engulfed the house.
Just as weather varies on Earth, occasionally bringing thunderstorms and gusty winds, the ever-changing Sun sometimes hurls massive clouds of solar material and magnetic fields into space, called coronal mass ejections, or CMEs.
Gustavo doesn't have any friends in this city.
Gustavo went straight home.
The National Weather Service issued red flag warnings of critical fire weather conditions through Saturday night, saying a series of dry low-pressure systems passing through the region could bring wind gusts of up to 35 mph that could turn small fires or even sparks into racing walls of flame.
There was a gust of hot wind from the tunnel as the train approached.
A gust of wind knocked over the bicycles parked in front of the school.
The gust of wind rose suddenly.
Like as a fire, when Southern gusts are rude, / falls on the standing harvest of the plain, / or torrent, hurtling with a mountain flood, / whelms field and oxens' toil and smiling grain, / and rolls whole forests headlong to the main, / while, weetless of the noise, on neighbouring height, / tranced in mute wonder, stands the listening swain.
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