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That's not a locust, that's a grasshopper!
The grasshopper chirps.
The grasshopper chirps 'see see'.
Charming was the chirp of the grasshoppers, delightful was the bleating of the flocks, luxuriant the aspect of the fields.
The grasshopper kept chirping in his hand.
He, who had been merrier even than the grasshoppers, became thoughtful and silent; he who had been accustomed to skip about like his kids, remained seated and motionless.
A grasshopper and many ants lived in a field.
John's food was grasshoppers and wild honey.
Chloe was pleased at seeing the innocent cause of her alarm, and having kissed it, she put the grasshopper in her bosom again, where it resumed its song.
When my four other friends and I arrived, he jumped like a grasshopper from the alley leading to his grandfather's house.
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