Meaning: tr
solungaç; çene altı
That doesn't suit us because Gilles is arriving.
Dolphins don't have gills.
Gilles looks a sorry sight! What did he do to himself?
Incidentally, that the gills of fish are bright red is because there are many 'capillary vessels' collected there, the same as for lungs.
I ate until I couldn't eat any more. I was stuffed to the gills.
She was preparing the dinner when Gilles arrived.
When Novak Djokovic was doing the on-court post-match interview after defeating Gilles Simon in an error-ridden five-setter, a fan shouted from the stands, ""No more drop shots!"" With a grin, Djokovic replied, ""I hate to say that, but you're absolutely right.""
You look a little green around the gills.
Gilles crossed the dunes.
Fish have gills and fins.
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