Meaning: tr
dörtnala koşmak
They moved quicker than horses in gallop.
Horses have three modes of locomotion: Walk, trot and gallop.
That galloping inflation has been lasting for three years now. People are frustrated and angry.
To go on from pain to pain mystery to mystery. From stone pain to plant pain. For everything is pain. The pain of battle the fear of not being. Links of pain chain the earth to the sky the waters to the land. And worlds gallop in orbits of affliction. Thinking of surprise.
We galloped our horses over the hill.
We had a gallop over the hill.
I saw a horse galloping toward me.
Horses have three gaits: Walking, trotting and galloping.
The horse never refuses to gallop to its stall.
I've galloped for three days only to tell you that I could not care less for you.
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