Meaning: tr
mektup, name
Some passages from the apostolic epistles may cast doubt on the Seventh-day Adventist doctrine of the denial of the immortality of the soul.
I believe that all Holy Scripture is inspired by God, except for the First Epistle to Timothy.
There is an opinion that the Epistle to the Galatians is the earliest Christian text, it was written before the Gospels were written.
Peter The Apostle cautioned against misinterpreting the epistles of the Apostle Paul and being carried away by the error of the lawless.
Calvin put the eighth chapter of the Epistle to the Romans as the basis of his theory of predestination.
The apostle Judas quoted the book of Enoch in his epistle and hence it cannot be considered apocryphal.
All the other parts of the New Testament, except the book of enigmas, called the Revelations, are a collection of letters under the name of epistles.
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