enend up

Meaning: tr
sonuçlanmak, bitmek, olup çıkmak
How did you end up on your own?
Many people never get it right and end up landing jobs in government. How they do it will forever remain a mystery.
In a far, far away universe where whatever is visualized becomes real, a noob tried to visualize a four dimensional object only to end up visualizing an object with an infinite number of dimensions that sent our entire existence into disarray thereby ending the universe as we know it.
I hate it when I work late and end up missing an episode of a show I'm following.
I never imagined we'd end up like this.
I never thought we'd end up like this.
Tom is likely to end up in prison if he doesn't straighten up.
Tom hopes Mary doesn't end up in jail.
How did you end up in Boston?
How did you end up here?
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