Meaning: tr
torun, oğul, neslinden olan
This youth is the descendant of a Russian prince.
We want to leave our descendants a clean and green earth.
Italian is a direct descendant of Latin.
She's a descendant of King George!
The natives of the North-West Pacific Coast of America were probably descendants of tribes from Asia.
It might seem as if the ancient founder of the castle were bestriding the thunderstorm, and proclaiming his displeasure at the reconciliation of his descendant with the enemy of his house.
Red-crowned parrots, now a part of the ecosystem in Southern California, are descendants of immigrants.
He was a descendant of Julius Caesar.
All agreed that the spot was fatal to the Ravenswood family; and that to drink of the waters of the well, or even approach its brink, was ominous to a descendant of that house.
We are all descendants of the Portuguese.
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