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Here comes a copper!
They sell us copper.
They mine one ore of zinc and another of copper.
My grandmother pulled out a handful of green beans, poured them into an ancient pan, toasted them patiently, ground them in a wooden hand mill with a copper handle, carefully squeezed the result into an old-fashioned Hungarian espresso maker, put it on a tray, and two hours later, it was coffee.
He melts copper.
Electricity cables are made of copper.
Warming waters have reduced the harvest of Alaska's prized Copper River salmon to just a small fraction of last year's harvest.
It is very strange that no one can get to see the Princess. They all say she is very pretty, but what’s the use of that if she has to sit forever in the great copper castle with all the towers? Can I not manage to see her somehow?
There was in the centre of the circle, a column made out of copper that supported a crystal egg. And because the sun shone on it, rays of light shot from all sides of the egg.
Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc.
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